Milø Slayers

Milø Slayers initially intended to perform his solo-debut « Monstrare en/of Monere » at this year’s festival but with the current format instead opted to write a visual poem for this edition. The visual poem called « Au bord » will be included in the package received when buying a ticket. His debut will be played later this year at Charleroi Danse and (B)ITS OF DANCE 2021.


My stage name is Milø Slayers, I was born in 1993 in Brussels
I’m currently doing a Master’s in Arts and Choreography at l’Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts – École Supérieure des Arts (ARBA-ESA) in Brussels. The training focuses on body practices, questioning the gap between choreographic and plastic practices: how can the body be used as a plasticity and a place of reflection? I’m a year 2 student and I’m planning on graduating in June 2021 (as I’m taking a year in order to write my thesis).
Since 2013 I’ve been managing my own dance company called Slayers where creativity is our main philosophy and hip hop is our biggest influence.