Yves Vermeulen & Lorenzo De Brabandere

The Power of Silence

The Power of Silence is a choreography about how the freedom of speech occurs nowadays. In a society where information is shared worldwide and with the speed of light, civilians can become victims of a sensory overload, which paralyzes the mind and exites the heart. People don’t know any longer what to think and become easy prey to loud and self-assured voices which all sound very convincing. But what does it say? What else do we gain but division amongst a community? What are those deafening stories offering us? We – Yves Vermeulen en Lorenzo De Brabandere – want to take the opportunity, which Bâtard is giving us, to investigate how we can free ourselves from those infiltrating noises and what it takes to speak truly and from the heart. What are the means of expression at our disposal and how can we overcome its boundaries?
No freedom without responsibility!


Yves Vermeulen finished in 2018 Master in Dramatic Arts at the RITCS. After being graduated in Social Work in 2005 and having participated in Ghent in a social artistic project by Unie der Zorgelozen – “Tram 40” – theater became a new world to discover.
Cirq’ “Bataclan” went on tour in the Summer of 2006 at several festivals of Flanders, starting with ‘de Gentse Feesten’. Cooperation with Xavier Cloet and his Cirq would last: in 2015 came “Bataclan Den Jubilee” and in 2019 “Batastunt”.
Opportunities to play in short movies from Jonas Baeckeland (“De Klok” in 2004, “Salto Mortal” in 2005) and in a video performance – “Black Nights / Blue Words” – by Dolores Bouckaert occured.
In 2008 “Koekoek” – a street theatre company linked with the in Ghent situated organization ‘Bij De Vieze Gasten’ – came to life. For six years, Craig Weston initiated his ‘Cuckoo birds’ in the art of performing on street, using the body as a tool. Workshops clown and dancing courses followed soon after.
A personal language in making physical theatre started to take shape. This year, Yves Vermeulen is making his debut – “The Power Of Silence”. To be able to translate this content, the choice to ask a fine and sensitive dancer as Lorenzo De Brabandere was an obvious one and a collaboration took place.


As a dancer, Lorenzo De Brabandere knows how to speak through his body. From 2002 to 2016 he participated in CIE Raimund Hoghe on several projects (“Young People, Old Voices”; “Le Sacre du Printemps”; “Swan Lake, Four Acts”, “Bolero Variation”; “Si je meurs, laissez le balcon ouvert”). In the context of “Le Vif Du Sujet”, Lorenzo De Brabandere collaborated with choreographer Martine Pisane with whom he created “Orpheus” during Montpellier Danse in 2006.
Own creations are “Harpyia” in 2005 to music by Phillip Glass, “Under construction #1: Alma” a ritual danced to music by Gustav Mahler in 2008 and a lecture-performance “Orange” at Tanzquartier Vienna in 2009. At Croxaphox in Ghent two installations were presented by his hand: “Return To A Temporary Calm” in 2011 and “Dancing Glass” in 2012. In honor of the American composer Louis T. Hardin the multimedia performance “Moondog, Hidden Tracks” was made in 2015, also in Ghent.
Lorenzo De Brabandere has participated in 3 workshops by Teatro De Los Sentidos in Barcelona:’The poetry of space’, ‘the poetry of time’ and ‘the poetry of dramaturgy’. Their work is an investigation on how to activate the imagination through all senses.


Performance: Yves Vermeulen & Lorenzo De Brabandere
Light & Sound: Jan Berckmans, Ruben Vandermeulen and Frank Cobbaut
Camerawork: Kristien Jaspers and Vince Peeters
With special thanks to: Bâtard and Beursschouwburg