Sophie Guisset

Plus One

Plus One is a performance about intimacy for one spectator at a time. It proposes the playful action of recreating a puzzle together with me. The image that appears in front of our eyes is the preliminary to a conversation about togetherness, solitude, isolation, affinity, confidentiality, among other topics.

Doing puzzles has been my lockdown activity. It has therapeutic virtues for me, it calms me down and puts my thoughts in order. After a short period of adaptation, my eyes become sharper and I am able to visualize the fine details of a picture to find the missing piece. Doing a puzzle with someone allows me to share these virtues. The subtle erotic tension that emerges is compact and tenuous and it encompassies the space as well as our hands and eyes.

The performance was imagined during the first lockdown period as a covid-proof experience, respecting the ongoing safety regulations. It cannot be adapted to an online format at this stage for the Batard Festival. It will run behind closed doors as a residency tryout to prepare a future premiere.


Concept, performance: Sophie Guisset
Dramaturgy: Lisa Vereertbrugghen
Sound design: Diana Dobrescu, aka as the triple identity transmedia artist Monica Kinolta, Dance Divine et Cyborg Amazone
With the support of Bâtard Festival, Garage 29, BUDA Kortrijk, Workspacebrussels.

Puzzle picture made in collaboration with Goodyn Green.


Sophie Guisset is a Belgian dance maker and performer, born in Tournai and based in Berlin. After completing her education as an actress at the Royal Conservatory of Mons (BE), she took part to the Dance Intensive Program at Tanzfabrik Berlin in 2013. She has been working with Olga Tsvetkova, Fanny Brouyaux, Consolate Sipérieus,Enis Turan, Bérangère Jannelle, Natasza Gerlach and Phillip Urrutia. She is currently working on two performances, Plus One and VTC. She is part of the GIN program in Garage 29 Bruxelles.