For the second year, Bâtard invited artists Lisa Vereertbrugghen and Azahara Ubera to imagine, design and produce an audio-podcast. They extended the invitation to the sound artist Julia E. Dyck.
Over a series of episodes, they interview all the artists of the program, exploring the singularity of their practices, their personal kinship to art and their sense of emergency, whether personal, artistic, social, political, etc.

These conversations and sound design in each episode provide a unique perspective into the processes of artistic creation and brings together different artistic voices, interests and desires. This podcast is for everybody who feels curious about art and artmaking.
Created, designed and produced by: Julia E. Dyck, Azahara Ubera, Lisa Vereertbrugghen. This podcast is produced by Bâtard Festival with the support of Zinnema that generously offered their recording studio.


listen to the last year Podcast – Bâtard 2020