Welcome to Bâtard 2021, Hello From The Other Side.
This is how to navigate into the program:

  1. After buying your ticket, you’ll receive a password in your inbox
  2. The ticket gives you access to the entire Festival (see tickets for more info). All the workshops are for free but they are not included in this ticket. If you would like to participate, please use the subscription links below.
  3. The video of each piece are available for 24 hours long, from 7pm till 7pm the next day. You can watch it at your favourite moment of the day or of the night, once or several times, on the watch page: watch



7pm Feb.3rd — 7pm Feb.4th

7pm Feb.4th — 7pm Feb.5th

7pm Feb.5th — 7pm Feb.6th

7pm Feb.6th — 7pm Feb.7th



Other ongoing formats from Anna Franziska Jäger & Nathan Ooms Quinsy Gario Milø Slayers Sophie Guisset