slow collaboration

In order to counterbalance the unavoidable tendency to work fastly and urgently to prepare the yearly festival, Bâtard developed a platform called slow collaboration. There, slowliness and long-term dialogue with artists are used as a strategy for a singular exchange, figuring out an organic working rhythm for each of these collaborations.

As Bâtard is mostly a presentation platform, the slow collaboration is still reduced, according to the means and capacities of the platform.
When working closely with artists at an early stage of their career, it appears clearly that presenting their work should go together with supporting them to figure out every step of the way, often carried out in very precarious conditions.

Step by step, Bâtard’s team wishes to develop and solidify this platform for accompanying trajectories of emerging artists.
This platform currently operates in its own temporality, following trajectories of several artists, whether they present their work in the next festival edition or not.


This year, the slow collaboration takes shape in:

  • RESIDENCIES (offered by our partners)
    offered by: Workspacebrussels, Kunstcentrum BUDA, Beursschouwburg, La Balsamine, Kunstenwerkplaats, WPzimmer, Campo.
    to: Paula Almiron, Anastasia Guevel, Julia Rubies, Sophie Guisset, Milo Slayers, Wedtknwyet collective, Liza Baliasnaja, Jihan Imago and Jija Sohn.
  • Bâtard is teaming up with the HIROS team to invite them to take part in the ‘slow collaboration’ program.
    HIROS offers a series of encounters with some emerging artists invited by Bâtard, reflecting on practices and economies in order to share knowledge and develop new ways of collaborating.
    The artists taking part in this program are :
    Alice Ciserola, Julia Rubies, Loucka Fiagan, Liza Baliasnaja, Anastasia Guevel, Paula Almiron, Petar Sarjanevic, Andrea Zavala Folache, Yves Vermeulen and Ezra Fieremans.


What is Hiros?

Hiros supports the development of artistic trajectories.
We put the practice of the artists with whom we collaborate at the centre and create a sustainable framework for all aspects of their career, creation and research. The collaboration is determined by the specific uniqueness of each artistic proposal. Hiros offers support in pre-production, production, promotion, administration and business management, distribution and tour management.

Based on the belief in the importance of a diverse arts landscape, we collaborate with both new and more established makers with hybrid processes in the performing arts. We join forces with them in the middle and long term and build on the visibility of their work in Belgium and abroad. Hiros works together with national and international partners in all aspects of its operations, also outside the field of arts.

Since 2017, Hiros is ‘desk resident’ at Kunstenwerkplaats located at Pianofabriek in Brussels.